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Lloyd Spiegel always feels the blues at work, but it's just the way he wants it, writes Glenn Mulcaster of the Age & Sydney morning Herald.
GearGossip Cole Clark Hollowbaby Review
Premier Guitar Magazine demos the new 3-way pickup system and Limited edition Triumph.
Sam Middlebrook reviews his new FL2AC on guitarreviews123.com.
Click HERE for photos and Video of the Cole Clark 2011 Winter NAMM booth.
Premier Guitar's Chris Burgess chats with Jamie Gale, of Cole Clark North America, on their "As Seen On PG" video series, about the Fat Lady series as well as the Electrics, Lapsteels and more at Summer NAMM in Nashville.
Cole Clark Summer NAMM 2010 Highlights . . . photos and video
Ukulele Underground, Kauai, Hawaii chats with Jamie Gale about the Cole Clark Ukuleles at the 2010 Winter NAMM. Click here to watch the video.
Search Cole Clark Guitars on You Tube
Cole Clark Winter NAMM 2010 Highlights . . . photos and video
Fat Lady series on Premier Guitar's "As Seen On PG" video series.
Electrics, Lapsteels and more on Premier Guitar's "As Seen On PG" video series.
Summer NAMM 2009 Highlights . . . photos and video.
Shockwave's NME Violap videos
Guitar Player TV with Jimmy Leslie
Gearwire - The Rideable Lapsteel

Artist Videos and Pictures

Zee Avi
Zee Avi performs Kantoi for Studio 360 and Just You and Me for NPR Music on her Ukelady 3.

Katie Cole

Matter of Time

Save You The Trouble

Katie Cole Youtube ChannelTo see more videos, click here for Katies Cole's You Tube Channel

Jerry Douglas

Jerry Douglas performing on his Violap at Carnegie Hall with James Taylor and Michael Landau.

Trevor Green

Trevor performs at the Mystic Hot Springs in Utah.

Wish of Peace'

Maneli Jamal
Maneli Jamalís new video with the new Triumph.

Maneli is a very talented composer. If you don't often listen to instrumental music, give this a try. For you guitar geeks, notice there's no mic? This is the guitar's pickup system plugged in direct...........wow!
Cole Clark FL2AC Spruce/Queensland Maple.

Read Maneli's featured column in this months issue of iGuitar Magazine, including a free video lesson.

Reece Mastin
Reece Mastin acoustic unplugged "Shut up And Kiss Me" song on Channel Nine Mornings show, Australia.

Jack Johnson
Jack talks to Acoustic Guitar about the origin of his songs and his groove-rich guitar style, and gives some example videos on how to play some of his tunes
"From the Clouds", "Banana Pancakes" and "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down" for Rolling Stone at New York's Sirius XM studios.

"Better Together" (live).

"All at Once" for the BBC Music Club.

"Times Like These" (live in rio).

Check out their song Say It with Leisha on her LD1H ...

Jay Malinowski (Bedouin Soundclash front man)
Jay discusses his solo tour in support of his CD "Bright Lights and Bruises" and talks about his Cole Clark guitars... Click HERE to view.
Jay presents live takes of a few songs off his new release Bright Lights & Bruises on The Ampersand (National Post) and chats about his new projects and the future of Bedouin Soundclash.

Adam Miller
Guitar International catches video of Adam Miller's performance at the Cole Clark booth at Summer NAMM 2010.

Adam Rafferty
An interview with Acoustic Guitar including instructional video of Adam and his FL2AC.

Adam performs ...
"Play It Back".

"I Can't Make You Love Me".

"Ain't No Sunshine".

Anthony Snape

Photo thanks to PBS - taken at the Balboa Theatre, San Diego
Anthony Snape with Pam and Tommy.

Anthony Snape and Tommy.

Sublime, with Rome, are back and playing Cole Clark Guitars. See the You Tube Videos with singer, Rome, and his FL3AC, at KROQ, Los Angeles. Watch for Rome with his new Hollow Baby.

Tomi Swick
Tomi performs at the Jack Singer Concert Hall.
Filmed by "Shot In the Dark" for the Musicians Care for Kids.


Sam Middlebrook reviews his new FL2AC on guitarreviews123.com.
Premier Guitar; FL1AC (bunya.queensland maple) Review
Eco-friendly bunya makes the Cole Clark Fat Lady sing-and loudly! We are pleased that Premier Guitar has awarded the Fat Lady 1AC a Premier Gear Award with a 5/5 review rating! Read More... about this Cole Clark Green Guitar*. *TM
Premier Guitar: Acoustic EQ for Stage, Part 4: Pickups. Cole Clark Dual Input Acoustic Pickup (DIAP) system, which blew us away ... Gayla Drake Paul.
Premier Guitar: Cole Clark Electrics, Lap Steels & More - Summer NAMM video walkthrough.
Premier Guitar: Cole Clark Fat Lady Series & Angel - Summer NAMM '09 video walkthrough.
Acoustic Guitar: Cole Clark Fat Lady FL2AC Dreadnought Review
Premier Guitar; FL1AC (bunya.queensland maple) Review 5/5
Beat:"The Fat Lady 2"
Mixdown:"CC & Harper Guitars"
Mixdown:"The Fat Lady has sung"
Mixdown:"The Fat Lady review"
Mixdown:"The Violap review"


"Best acoustic guitar pickup"
"Blend your face"
"Back Cover"
"Blood Duster"
"Cover 72"
"Fatlady 1"
"Fatlady 2 Pickup"
"Fatlady 2"
"Lap Steels"
"Lapdog sk8lap"
"Stealth 1"
"Stealth 2"
"The Company"
"Violap A"
"Violap AP"
AG ad: "Blend your face"

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