Cole Clark Ukulele Straps – Now Available!

A new addition to our strap range, designed for ukulele players who want to free up their technique with the help of a strap.

A strap often feels more natural for guitarists learning to play ukulele. It can also help you get maximum volume from your ukulele when standing, as it removes the common tendency to ‘smother’ the soundboard with your forearm when playing without a strap.

The strap has been designed to mount using either a standard strap button at each end, or a strap button at the rear and tie-off to the headstock.


  • 15mm width
  • Leather shoulder pad (60mm width) with stitched suede backing for comfort
  • Chrome buckle length adjustment
  • Leather string for headstock tie-off
  • Embossed Cole Clark script logo
  • Genuine leather and suede
  • Made in Australia
  • Strap buttons not included

Material: Leather
Colour: Saddle Brown