• Scale: 25.5 inch (same as the Fat Lady Series)
  • Neck Width at the Nut: 44.4mm
  • Body Depth: 122.1mm
  • Body Length: 496.7mm
  • Body Width at the Rear Bout (Widest point): 385.4mm
  • Body Type: Cutaway
  • Conventional body yet to be released.
  • Binding Type: Timber
  • Rosette: Cole Clark unique timber type/ various
  • Headstock: Contoured type
  • Soundboards: Spruce of Bunya
  • Blackwood or Rosewood Sides
  • Qld Maple, Blackwood or Rosewood Backs.
  • Rear Bracing 'Lattice'
  • Fingerboard inlays: Various
  • Pickup Preamp: Facebrace type
  • Optional Back Sensor

All Cole Clark instruments are made in Australia with pride.

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