• ‘All solid timber’
  • Grover ‘Campions’ Tunning Pegs
  • Kamaka strings
  • Graphtech nuts and saddles
  • Dimensions:
    Overall Length: 560mm/ 22 inches
    Width at rear bout: 200mm/ 7.87 inches
    Depth of body: 65mm/ 2.56 inches
    Sound-hole diameter: 57mm/ 2.24 inches
    Scale: 381mm/15 inch plus compensation


  • Solid Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon/ indigenous to Australia) No Bindings
  • Nitro Cellulose Finished Neck, Tung oil finished body.
  • Blackwood Bridge & fingerboard
  • Fingerboard position markers: 3mm diameter mother of pearl
  • The goal of the UL1 is ‘solid timber quality, value for money for the player’.

Pickups: Cole Clark “Face Sensor” & Cole Clark Piezo under saddle bridge pickup
Preamp: Cole Clark “Faceblend” Rechargeable Preamp (mains recharger unit supplied)

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