Cole Clark Electric Guitars

At Cole Clark Guitars, we make a range of fine electric guitars (and basses soon). Some designs acknowledge the look, sound and feel we associate with traditional electric guitars, delivering great quality with accessible pricing. Check out our range of Culprits and Guardians. Familiar, yet different in your hands. These guitars play fast and solid. They are made in Australia from premium solid timbers.

We make contemporary designs as well, including a set neck double cutaway style called the Mistress. The Mistress is a unique design, offering excellent fret access and playability, sonic flexibility, great tone and sustain to die for. The Mistress is also available with a cavity body, either with or without a soundhole. We use the finest of materials to ensure that your Mistress continues to measure up as time goes by.

Our focus is more and more on developing new models and new designs to bring greater tone and playing pleasure. Watch for more instruments in the very near future.